Top Recruiting Software Best In Price Quality Ratio

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What Are Recruiting Software Tools Meant For?

Recruiting software tools helps in-house recruiting agencies and recruitment teams to manage and streamline the hiring process that includes sourcing candidates, resume evaluation, and job posting. Most of the recruitment assessment tools aim at enhancing and automating the recruitment process. By discarding the paperwork and boosting pre-employment tests, recruiters and hiring managers get more options for both improving the quality of the recruiting process and investing time self-growth and development.

In this fast pacing world, we are left with so many options available for the HR market that it has become a big challenge to pick the most suitable recruiting software. To simplify and modify the selection and buying process, Questy prepared a list of best hiring alternatives that are top notchers in terms of price-quality ratio.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Hire By Google

Hire is an online recruiting app by Google that uses AI to make the hiring process simpler and faster. With Gmail, Google Calendar, and other G Suite integrations, Hire enhances and streamlines administrative tasks for your team to hire the best possible people, with less consumption of time. These hiring solutions  excels in customizing hiring stages for different job roles, team  collaboration over candidate’s profile and career portal optimization for Google search.

Recruitment Marketing Software


Beamery’s Talent Marketing Platform gives you a platform to build relations with candidates and enhance the employer brand. It grants you to focus on candidate engagement rather than posting a mere vacancy and waiting for applies. Its main functions are event management functionalities from landing page creation to staff amalgamation, candidate journey building with communication to engage prospects and automation of campaigns, recruitment performance, talent promoter, and candidate happiness along with talent and alumni network building.

Pre- Screening Tools

Hacker Rank

Hacker is a comprehensive tech skill assessment tool which helps you standardize technical recruiting and blesses candidates with real-world test and interviews that they enjoy. Seamlessly integrated with ATS, it will ease your work and help in automating work optimizing hiring process. It specializes in an extensive library of questions and wide customization opportunities, recruiting performance measuring, CodePair with convenient analysis functionalities, and easily scalable for enterprise teams.

HR Tools For Communication With Candidates


Calendly is a scheduling online software that works with your calendar to automatically check availability and helps you connect with your best contacts discarding back and forth emails. The free basic plan includes useful features such as time zone intelligent, integration with Google, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud calendar, super convenient for teams: admin features, collective and round-robin meetings and team pages