Theories Created since The Avengers 4 Trailer Release

It has been almost 12 months since Thanos snapped his Finger and vanquished the species of half of the universe including our favorite superheroes like Loki, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, Vision and many more (and of course the most adorable of Groot).

Avengers 4 began with all the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy heroes trying to stop Thanos from obtaining the 6 infinity stones. But even at the expense of their own lives, they dropped. They lost half of this universe at the hands of Thanos and now in the last Franchise of Marvel, Avengers are back with all the revenge and motive to bring all of them back. So, if you believe you are the greatest Marvel fan, you cannot attend its own comic con without wearing Infinity war costume right? And you shouldn’t.

With so many concepts composed until now since the

Theories Created:

Initially, The Avengers 4 was likely to be termed as “Avengers: Annihilation”. But after much of its script got leaked, they finally changed the tagline to “Avengers: End Game”. Indirectly they are telling us for what we had been living all these years is going to finish soon.

After the tweet of Chris Evans about completing his role of shooting for the film, a rumor has that he is going to save the day! Yaaayy! But, by making a sacrifice!

Jeremy Renner, our Hawkeye is finally returning with an amazing new look. Tony Stark appears to be in trouble too as he’s shown in the space with his Iron suit giving a message to Pepper. But it’s been rumored that Captain Marvel is going to save the day and Tony. Plus Pepper will find an armor of her very own. After all, she is also an integral part of Marvel movies. In short, Iron Man wouldn’t be Iron Man without her right? So she has to be there.

Shuri (Letitia Wright), Valkyrie popularly called scrapper 142 (Tessa Thompson) aren’t turned into dust during the snap. This means they are both alive. The Ant-Man, as well as the Wasp, is coming too.

With all these insides, show your friends how a Major fan of Marvel you’re; purchase buy costumes online at astonishing rates and show off in front of your friends.

Attend as many comic-cons as you can, or assume whatever you wish to, however, the cast has done the shooting. All you need to do is simply calm yourself up, hold your breath since the suspense is going to get out on 26th April and that’s it, that is the conclusion of The Avengers series. Audiences are going to be delighted to obtain their favorite personalities back but at the same time, sad too. For more posts like this visit