How were Light-Up Shoes Invented?

Have any childhood memories crossed your minds by reading “LED shoes” in the name? Well, take it when you grew up, you missed them. In the event that you were a kid of 1990s, you likely have some sweet memories of your light up shoes. Remember how jogging in these shoes which lit up each single time you took a measure was so much fun!

Let us look into how this idea of LED shoes came in the first Place

Until the mid-19th century, many shoes were plain and simply dull. They were produced in this manner that many people were not able to recognize a “left” and “right” shoe. But, that all changed in 1917, with an introduction of the first rubber-soled shoes. People began calling them “shoes” on an account of how much quieter they were than the conventional shoes. They believed that sneakers permit the wearer to easily “sneak up” on someone.

Sneakers Go High-Tech and High Fashion (1970s- 80s): –

From the conclusion of World War II, shoes were worn by most people in virtually every day activities. They have been indicated as symbols. From the 1970s, many Americans had a good amount of income, and shoe industry began marketing more expensive merchandise lines which were meant to be worn not only on the soccer field or into the supermarket, but to the nightclub.

LED Craze Begins (1992): –

Back in 1992, the Craze of all LED shoes came into the picture. Kids’ sneakers would have LEDs at the heel of the shoes which would light up each time foot touched the floor. On the other hand, the ancient LED sneakers had a design error that immediately caused LED sneakers to fade away. They contained batteries with mercury at unsafe levels. This disclosure caused many parents to fear the shoes. In fact, Minnesota banned their sale completely.

The growth of LED sneakers, but not just for kids this time!

Today, the kids who once used to wear LED sneakers in the 1990s are all grown up, and several still feel a powerful sense of nostalgia of the fun, magical sneakers of the youth. It may seem oldie to say this now, but these LED shoes were the first electronic gadgets most of these kids ever owned! Today, there are light up shoes for kids as well as the adults. Not only for the celebrations, today LED sneakers can be worn on many occasions and in household activities also.

Wear LED sneakers and relive your childhood!