How to calculate percentage from CGPA

CBSE class 10 result 2015 is announced today i.e. May 28, 2015 at 2 pm on Central Board of Secondary Education’s official websites and

While students who appeared in CBSE class 10 result 2015 are eagerly looking forward to their 10th Board Results 2016, which CBSE was very likely to announce on May 27th but delayed it by way of a day and contains announced today, it’s important for both parents and students to be aware of the format in the tenth board results. Students could possibly get their bring about CGPA.

CGPA or Cumulative Grade Points Average will be the average of grade points achieved in all of the subjects excluding any additional 6th subject.


Note: CGPA is just not same as the share. There is a different process to calculate the share.

How to calculate percentage from CGPA for class 10:

Multiply overall CGPA by 9.5
i.e. 7.8* 9.5 = 74.1%

For subject wise percentage, multiply grade points received in each subject with 9.5.

While the CGPA is mentioned from the result, there’s a little calculation if you need to calculate it all on your own.

How to calculate CGPA for class 10:

Step 1: Add grade points
To calculate the CGPA, add the grades received in 5 subjects.

For ex:
Grade points for 5 subjects are: Subject 1: 7, subject 2: 8, subject 3: 9, subject 4: 8, subject 5: 7
Add them: 7+8+9+8+7 = 39

Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e. 39/5 = 7.8

There fore, Overall CGPA is 7.8


Even though grades for 12th Board Results 2016 are visible inside the separate boxes from the result, they aren’t combined for CGPA.

Students can check their result on,

For latest updates, follow Exam Results 2015

India’s Jewelry Body Criticizes New PAN Card Rules

The All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) criticized new rules that slashed a threshold above which a customer must show their Permanent Account Number (PAN) by 60 %.

New rules make disclosure mandatory in jewelry purchases on top of the rupee same in principle as $3,026 (INR 200,000), in contrast to a previous limit of $7,564 (INR 500,000), in line with a GJF statement December 18.

“This just isn’t practical all of which will discriminate against 70 percent with the rural buyers, including farmers, because they are not underneath the tax net , nor have PAN cards,” GJF chairman G. V. Sreedhar said inside statement. “We urge the Government to clear out PAN-card requirements inside the jewelry sector and keep the status quo on using TCS [tax collected at source] on sales of bullion on INR 200,000 and so on INR 500,000 of knickknack.”


Meanwhile, Titan Company Ltd, among India’s biggest dealers, said within a statement December 17 the amendments are directed at curbing the nation’s blackmarket and broadening its tax base.

While the modern limit on PAN card application form disclosure could negatively impact cash sales of jewellery, a lot less than 10 percent of Titan’s jewelry revenue within the recent past originates from products costing between $3,026 and $7,564, it said within the statement.

Gold jewellers dissatisfied over mandatory PAN card on acquisition of Rs 2 lakh

KOLKATA: Gold jewellers think making PAN card mandatory for transaction worth Rs 2 lakh and above will will affect rural demand.

Sreedhar GV, chairman, All India Gem & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) said “This will not be practical all of which will discriminate 70% with the rural buyers including farmers as is also not under tax net and never have PAN cards. We urge the Government to get rid of pan card requirement in jewellery sector and keep status-quo on use of TCS on sales of bullion on Rs. 2 lakh additionally, on Rs. 5 lakh of bijou. We also emphasized the desire to reduce import duties on Bullion, Gems, Jewellery and Jewellery Machineries”.

Mr. Sreedhar further said “The gems and jewellery sector is just not a source to draw black money because there’s a value addition of 15-20% in developing these products while bullion can be a preferred segment for investment by black money holders. Today, people purchase jewellery items not just for their daily uses also for essential purposes like festive and religious functions including marriages”.

Overall, GJF believes the decision on imposing pan card restriction will not be fair and justifiable under law because it tantamount to discrimination against many populations who don’t charge pan card number. In India, hardly eight to ten per cent of population has pan card and numerous rural buyers of bijou will be missing out on buying jewellery items for marriages with their family members. Government must come up with more trade and industry friendly policies where industries can produce and grow to make the economy.”


Speaking about the PAN card issue, Mr. Bachhraj Bamalwa, Director, GJF, said, “the gems and jewellery sector will not be the generator of black money. More than 80% from the value of knickknack is garbage like silver and gold which are legitimately imported inside the country.”

Mr. Ashok Minawala, Director, GJF, said, “We is going to be facing problems of encouraging buyers to see our showrooms since the newest restriction of pan card compulsory for getting jewellery articles above Rs 2 lakh. It is often a negative step with the industry since this would neutralize benefits arising away from monetization scheme which can be positive. As of 31st March, 2015, you’ll find approx. 22.3 crore PAN cards issued in India. Will it be justifiable to inquire about a pan card to approximately 89-90% on the population that do not possess one?

Australian Open 2016 Schedule

Serena Williams was eliminated from your 2015 U.S. Open on Friday by Roberta Vinci inside the semifinal. The loss ends her try to capture the calendar Grand Slam, which might have made her the first one to accomplish the feat since Steffi Graf in 1988.

Sky Sports News HQ noted her exit through the season’s final major:

BREAKING: Roberta Vinci to experiment with Flavia Pennetta in US Open final after beating Serena Williams 2-6 6-4 6-4. #SSNHQ
— Sky Sports News HQ (@SkySportsNewsHQ) September 11, 2015

Williams never placed plenty of stock in finishing from the Grand Slam, a minimum of publicly. She sounded content coming from Wimbledon together with the “Serena Slam,” winning the primary three majors this holiday season after capturing the Australian open final 2016 with the third straight time one full year ago.

Entering the 2010 showcase in New York, she was mentally prepared for any result and sounded eager to the spectacle to finish, as noted by Amara Grautski with the New York Daily News.

“I’m ready,” Williams said. “I don’t care if I win or lose or break even. I’m able to start it, understand it over with and also be done and continue on to the next event. But I’m so ready for New York.”

Perhaps that’s an honest assessment from the player without shortage of accomplishments to be with her career resume. More likely, her outlook served being an effort to at the very least alleviate some in the pressure on her behalf shoulders with one in the sport’s rarest feats there with the taking.

Make no mistake, the growing season Williams has come up with is still one in the best from the history of tennis, and he or she can still improve it inside the remaining tournaments—including from the WTA Tour Finals. However, completing the Grand Slam would are making it a lot more special.

It took a modest amount of good fortune in order to get this far. Nine points during course of her three Grand Slam triumphs in Australian open 2016 schedule, she got pushed to your third set and won. It’s difficult to win that lots of tight matches uninterruptedly at the majors, even with the world’s top player.

The loss doesn’t diminish any in the previous titles, but it is certainly a missed chance at making history. The opportunity may never return around.

Williams will focus on the rest on the 2015 schedule and try to end on the high note by winning the Tour Finals, which begin in late October.

Looking ahead to 2016, she’s more likely to arrive because favorite to every one tournament she enters. Even as her career approaches 20 years in length, she’s still the very best player on tour by way of a wide margin when anywhere in close proximity to top form.

Her Australian Open title in 2010 was her first since 2010. If she will repeat inside the season’s starting Australian open 2016 live, it could point toward an exciting season for Williams. But at the very least for the time being, the calendar Grand Slam remains elusive.

UTI Pan card Status

Mumbai: Taking serious note of an foreign national finding a PAN card by claiming to get an Indian citizen and utilizing it to start two banks, the Bombay High Court has summoned three senior Central government officials show up before it on 8 January to demonstrate what action ended up taken in the problem.

“This petition shows shocking inaction from relevant departments with the Union of India…What is brought up by this papers are that the first respondent, that is a foreign national, has got a new UTI PAN card status. Further he’s got opened accounts with two banks, namely, HSBC Bank and Bombay Mercantile Bank. He has also acquired properties in India,” noted a division bench inside a recent order.

Sanjay Punmiya had filed a petition alleging that Faisal Essa Yosuf got a new PAN card in their name and banking accounts were opened by him.

The HC, on earlier occasions, had asked respondents to carry an inquiry about how the PAN card was issued and make a change but no steps were adopted, the bench noted and warned to issue contempt notices up against the concerned officers if stern measures weren’t enforced.


The bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka, in the written order, directed a representative of Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Mumbai, a senior officer nominated by Joint Secretary (CPV), Ministry of External Affairs, and also a senior officer nominated by Chief Commissioner
of Income Tax, Mumbai, to stay present in court on 8 January together with the relevant documents to exhibit action taken, pursuant for the order passed with the High Court on earlier occasions.

The bench also ordered that your report an inquiry made around the issue shall even be submitted ahead of the next date of hearing.

During a previous hearing on 28 September, 2015, government’s senior counsel had brought up that visa was granted towards the first respondent which can be valid till 16 December, 2018.

“Various allegations have already been levelled from the first respondent. It is stated he has got such a Check PAN card status claiming to get an Indian national…All this necessitates a very serious inquiry with the concerned department in the Union of India,” the HC noted to use order.

“The petitioner did his job by indicating the alleged illegality committed from the first respondent. He is not likely to know the details with the departments which can be obliged to look in the illegality,” the HC noted.

“It could be the responsibility in the law department in the Union of India to determine which departments looks into the allegations produced by petitioner and initiate appropriate court action, as appropriate,” the judge observed.


The HC noted that under clause 3 of their order dated 28 September, 2015, it had asked the proper department in the Centre to initiate an inquiry and submit research to it. However, no such report continues to be filed. Besides, the HC order dated 29 October, 2015, notes that this Central
government has never taken any steps, said the bench.

The court also noted that this counsel appearing for your Union government had produced statement on 1 October that though he’s addressed letters to numerous officers in the Central government, no response was received.

The HC had directed on 1 October how the concerned government departments shall hold an enquiry for ascertaining perhaps the first respondent has committed illegalities as alleged.

“If such illegalities are simply, there isn’t any doubt that prompt action will have to become taken with the Union of India. If the judge finds that this Union of India has never taken any action, serious view will have for being taken about the said default,” the HC had witnessed in the 1 October order.

During the hearing on 17 December, the federal government counsel produced instructions written through the Centre towards the respondents to make a change as per the previous orders with the HC. “Inspite from the letter, none from the respondents had any instructions for the compliance,” the HC further noted.

“In take a look at clause 6 from the order dated 29 October, 2015, this can be a fit case where contempt notices are required for being issued towards the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, the Joint Secretary (CPV) and FRRO, Mumbai,” observed the bench.

“Senior counsel Beni Chatterjee, appearing for your Union of India, states he can ensure that necessary action is going to be taken, and you can also check Passport Status. Only in take a look at this assurance, we’re not issuing any notice of contempt currently,” the bench said.

However, the High Court asked the respondents to stay present around the next date of hearing on 8 January.

Breaking News: Odisha Gets its First Women’s University!

First women’s university in Odisha is established in Bhubaneswar this year and it was inaugurated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on December 3. This university is named as Maa Rama Devi which is named after the freedom fighter and social reformer and so inauguration was done on the 166th birth anniversary of her. The main objective of opening this university is to provide better opportunities to women in the field of education as education is the key to social development. See for more information on the same. The freedom fighter Maa Rama Devi is recognized as an icon of women’s empowerment in the state by Patnaik. She was the one who had rare sense of courage and broke the traditional world of conservatism. She served society with much courage and dedicated herself for the welfare of the nation.

Odisha’s First Women’s University:


Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik believes that the social impact of education of women is more on the society as compared to men as almost half of the population of India consists of women and this he said while inaugurating the university. It is also very true that the varsity will play an important role in women empowerment. It is very much evident from the studies that there is less percentage of women who opt for higher education as compared to men but at the same time it is essential that women participates equally in all walks of socio-economic life. This is required for the development of society. Patanik advised the students to follow the ideal of Rama Devi while paying homage to freedom fighter at the time of inauguration. He even inaugurated a health centre, ATM counter and canteen in the varsity premises.


We just hope that Rama Devi Women’s University inspires the aspirations of women in Odisha and bring qualitative changes in all its students. The main objective of the university is to increase the level of participation in higher education by women. This institution will not practice inequality based on gender and women will be given equal importance. The curriculum of the university will be focussed on creating confidence in women so that they can move forward in the society. Meanwhile, the students who have eagerly waiting for scholarships can go through the resultado enem 2015 in January. Also studies in this university will be done to initiate women’s empowerment and women’s rights. Let’s take a pledge to support this university so that it turns into a centre of excellence. This was done by Patnaik himself at the time of inauguration.


Pradeep Panigrahi, Higher Education Minister said that much emphasis will be given on the development of infrastructure in the university and soon a second campus of the university will be established. There will be provision of smart class rooms in the university soon.

Hay Day for PC: Install Hay Day on Windows 7/8/10 From Here!

Hay Day for PC

Hay Day is a game app where the player can have an extraordinary land where all the neighbors and animals look happy. In this, the player can modify their own farm and grow some crops that never wilt. In this game, farming has been taken on another level. It is one of the most competitive games that call for excellence. There are more than million downloads of this game till now and has won many hearts in the gaming industry. By the way, if you are addicted towards apps rather than games and that too on iOS devices, you can download PlayBox HD iOS app to stream unlimited movies online. The developers are working hard on this project to include all the aspects of the farming that are not known to youths who live in urban areas. They have done good job in developing the blue script of the game. The graphics of the game is too good that makes the person feel as if he is in real life. Those people who are fond of nature and farming are mostly attracted to play Hay Day.

Hay Day for PC

Gameplay of Hay Day for PC

The main objective of it is farming which involves sowing, cutting of crops and even milking. You can milk the cows, sow the farms and even trading of crops produced by you is allowed in Hay day which makes it a very special farming game in the market.

This game is free of cost. In this, the player can use the ingredients available to prepare the food. It is pretty easy to buy and sell food and crops. Make sure that you don’t miss the most important games and apps released in 2015 on It covers almost all apps and games released every year.

People can connect to the game easily as it is available in 14 different languages. All those stuffs which you once dream about farming but is never able to do, can be done here. The popularity of the game is increasing by each passing day.

Hay Day PC

The scores earned in Hay Day can be shared with the friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It has the provision to let players play the game with their friends as well. The interface of Hay Day is extremely user friendly and the users do not face any kind of problems while playing.

It has got good sound effects with high quality animation features. All the minute details in the game are give much attention so there is no dull moments while playing the game.

Download Hay Day for PC

Hay Day is one of the most thrilling games which can be played on PC as well by making use of Android Emulator Bluestacks. It is software that is used to download most of the android apps on computer.

  • Download Bluestacks from here. Download must be done according the windows option.
  • Install the software by clicking on .exe file.
  • Go to search bar that is there in the Bluestacks. Type “Hay Day” in it.
  • You will find the game in the search results and click on it.
  • Install the game.
  • Once the game is installed, you can find the game in My Apps.

All the above steps will help you to download Hay Day on your PC successfully. You are now ready to enjoy this amazing farming game on your PC. Subscribe to our blog to learn more tutorials in future.

Get linking of Aadhaar Card to APJ, PMSBY and PMJJY for corrupt free Benefits

There are many changes and many advantages are occurred during this new budget of India. Arun Jeitly our former Finance Minister has passed a new revolutionary scheme to get maximum benefit from lower to lower cost to the poor communities of India. He announced profit earning schemes which are helpful for the people who are living in the very low poverty line. These new three sachems are Atal Pension Yojna (APJ), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojna and Pradhan Mantri Jevan Jyoti Yojna. Now let’s take you in the deep knowledge why these are most important source to secure the life of a poor person from small amount of savings

imagesAtal Pension Yojna

Here the person will get the benefit of pension after sixty of Rs 1000, 2000 to 5000. The pensioner can demand this income over age sixty and he or she must have paid regular sum in the decided years. For e

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojna

This is very cheap and low cost insurance provided for the benefit of every Indian citizen. A person just needs to pay 12 rupees per year to get the risk cover of 2 lakhs. If the policy holder is not able to pay premium and dies in the natural consequences, he or she is eligible for risk cover of Rs. 1 lakh.

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojna

On single premium of Rs.330 a single policy holder gets the benefit of risk cover of huge amount of Rs. 2 Lakh.

Why to Link all three schemes under Aadhhar card


Well Check aadhar card status by name is developed to curb the bureaucratic systems of India. All these three schemes will be operated by banks only. And this is the only ID which brings the safe, fast verification to open new bank accounts and also the useful source to find the authentically identity. Aadhaar Card linking with these three schemes is invented to avoid the misuse of these schemes and to get the real sense of banking.

You can easily go for the Aadhaar Card link to bank portal

Find your scheme form and download

Take a print and fill it and go to the related branch and submit it

Once you will get Link with APJ, PMSBY and PMJJY, your premium sum will be directly deducted from your account. Still you have not gone through Aadhaar linked with Banks then go for it and get the real benefit of schemes.

Download KIk Messanger for PC

Kik Messenger is developed to give a kick start to communicate with friends and relatives worldwide. Kik Messenger is revolutionary app to bring the great free fun of chatting, texting, video sharing and snap shot sharing to the friends and relatives of all around the world. This real-time free fun is provided to smartphone and iOS users only. It provides greater support to the user so install kik for PC. But PC users also now can hangout with friends and relatives worldwide by using the simple steps we are going to follow you here. Well we will talk in deep about process later but first let us show you the exclusive Kik features which makes it extraordinarily different from other social sites.

Kik messanger on PC

Kik Features

  • No need to enter mobile no just by your email address you can sign in for Kik app
  • Provides Privacy of your phone no
  • Photo sharing, video sharing and texting facility
  • User friendly interface seamlessly runs in every operating system
  • Over 120 million users worldwide
  • Get the real-time fun to hangout with friends and relatives in just one tap
  • 50 friends in group can chat at once
  • Now let’s share you the important guidelines of How to Download Kik For PC free.

Get Kik for PC free

Download PlayBox HD for Mac in PC can be now possible with single usage of Bluestacks android emulator. Now you can easily convert your emotions in just one mouse click while playing game or doing any important work on PC. Besides this you can get information about how to download and install games on install android app on PC.Please see to the below guidelines for more.

  • Just look in that your PC is installed with latest drivers, if yes then let’s start now.
  • First install bluestacks genuine software to run android apps in pc
  • Once this software is installed in computer then open it in your pc
  • Use the search bar to find and install Kik with one instant click on install

Your task is finished now; your app is installed in PC. In just one mouse click you are ready to send and share your message, photos and videos to your respective friends with one mouse click. Now you are ready to scan your contacts and meet them online with the single click of this app.

US Open Tennis 2015 Earlier Predictions

Right before the start of the US open tennis 2015 tournament there are many former tennis players and the experts who are predicting the grand slam results. The predictions might be many but one thing is for sure, you are going to enjoy all the final stages of the mens and women’s. According to the predictions of the experts all around the world, it is expected that US open mens final might be won by Roger Federer or Andy Murray. You might be wondering that where does the Wimbledon 2015 winner Novak Djokovic stands in the list. Well, that’s what the predictions are all about. Nothing is sure and no one can predict it perfectly.


Predictions are full of Surprises:

As said earlier that the predictions are full of surprises, you are sure to see many ups and downs in the US Open tennis 2015 grand slam tournament. There are chances that Serena Williams might face Maria Sharapova in the US open womens final, but you never know the things might turn out either ways pretty quickly. We just heard the rumors just before the start of Wimbledon Open 2015 that it might be rainy all the season but we didn’t find any of the matches abandoned by rain. See, that’s what the predictions and rumors are all about nothing, is sure in this Grand slam too.

Who will make it to the Final of US Open?

According to some of the experts around the world, Roger Federer or Andy Murray might win the tournament. But many think that there would not be Novak Djokovic anywhere in the picture and the reason is quite obvious that he was defeated by Andy Murray in the Rogers Cup final. There are also chances that Stan might be winning the US Open title this year. As he has already won the French Open this year, he would be pretty confident about his attacking game which he displays in every single match. He is someone who never loses confidence and believes in himself. And that’s the major reason why he is too the hot favorite to win the title. It doesn’t matter who wins the US open but you can enjoy all the matches live on US open live streaming kind of websites.


When it comes to US open women’s final, our favorite is always going to be Serena Williams. She has won several grand slam tournaments till date. But Maria Sharapova is also in great form and there are chances that she might give a tough time to Serena Williams in the final this year.

Meanwhile, you can also catch the live action of the Bundesliga football tournament by visiting website. In the day time you can watch tennis and during the night time you can enjoy your hot favorite sport football.

Ramadan 2015 Wishes and SMS

Ramadan is a very holy month for Muslim people to pay all the devotion towards their ALLAH. During this month people observes fast from sun rise to sunset. They recite extra Quran then the regular days they do. People avoid speaking bad word, donate the needy peoples and avoid drinking and smoking during this divine month. In 2015 Ramadan is expected to start on 18th June. Ramadan month is now not so far and people also looking for the wishes of Ramadan to send the wishes to their friends and family members. Relatively we have brought here the wonderful collections of Ramadan messages 2015 wishes and Sms. Hope you will like it and share it.


Ramadan 2015 Wishes

Please walk courteously

Dress cleanly

Pray devotionally

Donate heartily

Treat generously

Happy Ramadan 2015


  • May Allah bless you all

Happiness, prosperity

And wealth throughout the year

Wishing you and your family

A very happy Ramadan 2015


  • E-embrace with hugs

I – Inspire with remarkable approach

D- Distribute all the happiness to all

Wish you in Advance a very Happy Ramadan 2015


  • May Allah fulfill you life with contentment

Your sweet heart with immense love

Your should with pure gold

Your mind with knowledge

From the bottom of my heart

I am wishing you and your family

A very happy eid Mubarak 2015


Ramadan 2015 SMS


  • May the special fest of Eid

Allah fulfill all the choicest blessings

On you and your family

Very Happy Ramadan 2015


  • The only one wish

I only wish for you

To get all your wishes true

Happy Ramadan 2015



Phones will be busy

No messages would be sent

So wishing you a

Advance Eid Mubarak 2015

Before the rush get start


  • May this Ramadan

Every step you march

Every decision you take

Every work you follow

Allah be always with you

To protect, to hear you

To sooth your heart

Wish you a very Happy Ramadan 2015


Here all the perfect greetings collection sentences we have made you to shower the blessings of Allah on your friends and relatives. You can also see some more articles related to Ramadan greetings, wishes, sms and quotes in our site. Please stay in touch with our site.

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